Made to save you time & money:

From stationery to uniform programs

Supports multiple divisions & brands

Secure online ordering

Useful tools that monitor inventory & provide detailed reporting

A convenient, fast way get your printed & promotional products

Empower your company to order what it needs more efficiently:

A CustomStore is like having your very own online store–except this one contains any printed or promotional product that you use. Customize your store with your business cards for the new hires, invoices for the accounting department or print center, collateral materials, business documents, company T-shirts and giveaways for the upcoming tradeshow, packaging, labels, company uniforms, thank you cards, and almost any other item your staff uses on a regular basis—branded or otherwise to support your front and back office needs.

It’s the place where approved employees can quickly and easily access what they need anytime, from anywhere—all in a secure, encrypted environment. The item, or selection of items in convenient quantities, can be shipped immediately to almost any location on the planet, some even within 24 hours. And if they’re personalized items, like business cards, you can review proofs online for accuracy before placing the order.

You, the administrator, can monitor purchases, inventory, and detailed reports, so you can make better purchasing decisions, better cost allocations, save money, and rein in the rogue manager who wants to use his own logo. We handle the sourcing, printing, decorating, warehousing, kitting, packing, and distribution, and we do it in smart ways that save you time, money, and panicked late night calls.

And best of all it’s free. The Answer Company designs the CustomStore to look like it’s yours, train your staff, maintain the store, and answer any questions you might have. We’ll also suggest purchasing, inventory, distribution, and billing strategies that increase efficiency within your Company. In other words, we’ll make life easier.

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Thanks so much. We’re overjoyed with the quality and look, as we were last year.

Grant Coordinator for a metropolitan public school