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Larry Dunne

President and Owner

An Insurance Company Gives a Uniformed Look to Scattered Agents

The marketing department of a large insurance firm asked for our help in providing branded apparel to their claims agents in offices all across the country.

So we built them a free web ordering system where the agents choose from a mix of pre-approved items up to a certain dollar amount. The client picks the selection — including polos, shirts, and fleece jackets. We apply their corporate identity to each garment.

We send personalized emails to each agent with their own login to the online store. They order from a range of styles, colors, and sizes. We produce, fulfill, and ship.

With our proprietary technologies, promotional product experience, and electronic mailing solutions, we built them a great system. The happy result: new agents are outfitted to brand standards; existing agents get a regular “refresh” of their corporate wardrobe.

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