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Larry Dunne

President and Owner

A Firm Recognizes Employees with Inexpensive, Lavish Gifts

A financial services firm needed a way to recognize their great employees that was low cost and easy to manage.

We built them a free web ordering system, and helped them stock it with special gift items. Valued employees receive a congratulatory email with a page link where they can log in and pick from a selection of gifts that include George Forman grills, digital cameras, duffle bags, barbecue sets, movie tickets, and more.

The client is billed monthly for operational expenses. We do everything else.

And with our proprietary technologies, promotional product experience, and electronic mailing solutions, we can do the same for you. We’re one of the few companies who can. It’s a great way to reward your top employees or thank your best clients.

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Everything went very well. Thanks for making it happen so quickly.

Executive Sales Manager for a global transport company