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Larry Dunne

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A Publisher switches from 1099s to Electronic Mailing

A publishing client of ours had had enough of printing and mailing hundreds of 1099s every year and was looking for a new way to handle this old chore.

The client, after weighing cost/benefits that included rising postal rates, let us convert their database to an electronic print and mail system that is much more cost-efficient. Once they outsourced to us, they saw immediate results that saved them of time, money, and stress.

Invoice and statement renderings, announcements and notifications, tax documents, direct mail, and promotions can now be done with our proprietary electronic processing system. And you don’t have to do them.

We’ll handle your regular mailings, and you’ll breathe a sigh of relief. To learn more about how we helped, contact us today.

To safeguard the privacy of our clients we do not mention names, titles, or companies.

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