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The Answer Company supplies membership cards for every situation and event. We want you to put the right card in the hands of your members, subscribers, and customers when you confirm their association. Membership cards are unique as they have long life spans and generate many impressions. The Answer Company understands this, and will deliver a solution that meets your exact functional requirements, professionally represents your organizations, and works flawlessly with your systems.

Our seasoned experts can help you determine the best materials to use based upon your organization’s needs. Some options include pre-printed cards and letterhead integration. The Answer Company’s close industry relationships grant us access to a variety of materials such as 7 mil vinyl cards that can be run through any laser printer, making it quick and simple to personalize and send out membership cards in-house. Our minimum order quantities are 1000 cards.

The Answer Company can also help you design your membership cards. We can place your logo, brand, or message anywhere on your card including important information like addresses, contact information, and hours of operation. This is all done using decorating techniques such as offset printing, 4 color digital processing, and flexographic printing.

Whether they’re pre-printed or cards you can print yourself, integrated into a letterhead or applied to a letterhead, require barcodes or magnetic stripes, or are ordered in small or large quantities–we can deliver whatever you need at great prices.

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